Zara McFarlane returns with new EP


The seriously talented UK vocalist Zara McFarlane returns to the limelight with a new and exciting taster ep. Featuring a band who I can only describe as a who’s who of brit jazz talent this release re-casts a landmark track by Max Roach.

The track itself is taken from We Insist!, his 1960 album born of the US’ then-ascendant Civil Rights Movement, it saw avant-garde jazz used as vehicle for protest. With Roach and vocalist Abbey Lincoln at its core, it nodded to the growing independence movements then emerging in several African nations. The original track’s celebration of the present, past and future of Africa feels as relevant now as it did in 1960.

This welcome return comes after the success of Zara’s two lp’s ‘If You Knew Her’ and the seminal ‘Until Tomorrow’.

‘All Africa’ is being released on Brownswood Records in digital and 10″ vinyl format and is produced by Moses Boyd and arranged by Nathaniel Cross. The new lp is due to drop September 2017.

Zara McFarlane – Vocals
Nathaniel Cross – Trombone
Moses Boyd – Drums
Jay Darwish – Upright and Electric Bass
Ashley Henry – Keys
Junior Alli-Balogun – Percussion
Binker Golding – Tenor Saxophone